Manual 35mm Lenses with Mirrorless Cameras

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Mirrorless camera design has had a big impact on the way we take pictures.

The original thing that attracted me to mirrorless was the idea of being able to get an adaptor and use lenses from my old 35mm lens collection with my camera.

And it couldn’t be easier. Because there is no mirror in the design, mirrorless cameras use electronic viewfinders. Because you’re composing your image with a screen, there is more you can do with assisting technology imposed on the screen to make your life easier.

Confusing? Yes.

The first time I used a mirrorless camera I hated it. It felt like a gimmick with all the stuff on the screen.

But after sticking with it and applying some of the techniques that I use to shoot video to still photography – it actually works. And if you set it up right its MUCH easier to use than a DSLR, particularly with manual focus lenses.

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