Mobile Lens 12x Zoom Worth it ? Quality Zoom Lens Review

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In this video let’s look at Mobile Lens 12x Zoom and I will show you if it’s worth it. Not really many Mobile Telephoto Lens are of good quality but this one from gives sharp images and the focus ring is nice and smooth to use.
It costs only $11 or Rs.749 !!!
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Mobile 12x Zoom Lens (Telephoto Lens)

This 12x Mobile Zoom Lens is fixed in focal length, but has a focus ring to adjust the focus to get sharp images. It also comes with a rubber eye-cap which can be used as a monocular !
The packaging is good and a soft micro-fiber cloth is included along with lens, lens grip and eye-cap.
I just wanted to see if it was worth spending Rs.749 for a zoom lens and I am happy with it’s performance for price ! It comes in handy when needed. It’s also fun to use and add some different perspective images from mobile. Keep in mind that, it is not of the quality that you want to take print, but definitely shareable on social media.

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